How does the subscription plan works?
TrafficBot offers different plans with different amount of hit credits. When you subscribe to either of the plan, TrafficBot will charge you the price of that plan and top up your account with the amount of hit credits. The same process will be repeated in the same day of every month. With these granted hit credits, you can send traffic to your targeted website.
Can I cancel the subscription at any time? What will happen to my hit balance if I cancel my subscription.
Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time and easily in our Dashboard => Side menu => Billing => Subscription. Look for the subscription that you want to cancel and click the Cancel button next to it. Once you've canceled a subscription, it means that there is no further charges or hit granting process for this subscription in next billing cycle. However, you can still use your his balance to send traffic.
Can I subscribe to multiple plans?
Yes, you can! Each plan represents the amount of traffic you'll be granted into your account every month. If you subscribe to multiple plans, you'll be granted more hit credits every month, comparing to just subscribe to one plan.
Do you provide invoice for every charges?
Yes, you can see all your billing invoices under Dashboard => Side menu => Billing => Web => Subscription, then click the Invoices next to one of your subscription. After that, you can download either of those invoices by clicking the Download button.
What payment method does TrafficBot accept?
We accept payment via Paypal, which allows you to pay with all popular payment methods, including VISA / MASTER credit card.
I would like to pay directly with my credit card (Master, Visa, etc). Can I do that?
Currently we only support payment via Paypal, which usually allows you to pay with credit card without a Paypal account (When you checkout to Paypal page, please take note to check if there is an option for you to skip creating Paypal account and pay directly with your card). However, under certain situations or for certain clients, Paypal does not offer this option to pay without Paypal account. If you’ve encountered this issue, you can still pay to TrafficBot by creating a Paypal account. Once you did that, you can pay with your credit card, via your Paypal account.
I tried many times but couldn't pay via Paypal from your dashboard. Can I pay you using other method?
You may pay us directly via (Email us after payment done) or TransferWise (Email us for payment procedures). After receiving your payment and email notification, we'll proceed to setup your purchased on your behalf.
How do I request traffic in TrafficBot?
You can customise your configuration and create new schedule @ Dashboard => Side menu => Bot Management => New Schedule.
Is it Adsense(and any other Pay Per Click affiliate programs) safe?
Yes, it is absolutely safe for PPC ads, we avoid clicking on ads and therefore you won't violate any rules of these programs. In case of Adsense (adsbygoogle.js) by default we don't even load the ads so by default you won't see any impressions.
Can I send traffic to multiple different websites?
Yes, you can! Just create another schedule for a different website will do.
What features supported for traffic sending?

Below are few other major features supported to customise traffic to your website:

  • Scheduled to send traffic at anytime following your preferred timezone.
  • Request to send all traffic at same time, or distribute it evenly within a period of time.
  • Scheduled to send one-off traffic, or repeat to send every day / week / month.
  • Bounce rate control
  • Customise traffic referrer
  • Visitors from different devices, browsers, OS etc
  • Session duration control
  • Geo targeting (US only for now. More to come)
  • Auto visit website internal links (Applicable to no bounce traffic)
Why some of the traffic failed to deliver to the targeted website?
It could be many reason. For example the website is out of service when TrafficBot visit, or the site is slow and TrafficBot leaves the website even before it has completely loaded. However, the failure rate should be very low. If you are seeing a huge amount of failed visit, you may contact us via email.
Will TrafficBot deduct my hit balance even for unsuccessful traffic send request?
No, TrafficBot will only deduct your hit balance for succeeded website visit.
Why TrafficBot is showing higher successful visits compared to my Google Analytics result?
Most likely this is due to some of your internal pages do not have Google Analytics widget setup on those pages. For example you've setup Google Analytics on your main website and most other pages, but there are some internal pages which are without the Google Analytics widget setup and TrafficBot is visiting those pages too. You may refer to the hit visit raw log @ Dashboard => Side menu => Bot Management => Schedules => Progress => Show to see which urls does TrafficBot actually visited.
How long will TrafficBot keep the raw log of sent hits?
TrafficBot will keep the raw log of the sent hits for 1 month @ Dashboard => Side menu => Bot Management => Schedules => Progress => Show.
Is the traffic done by real human or bots?
It is by bot. This is the reason why we are able to offer a very competitive pricing. However, we've designed our bot to mimic an actual human behaviour and is able to be identified by Google Analytics (The industry standard) as real human visits.
How to use the schedule creation dashboard interface?

Below are further explaination for each option @ Dashboard => Side menu => Bot Management => New Schedule. You can also mouse over those options to get some tips about them:

  • Hit Balance: One visit = one hit and this valus is the total hits you've at this moment. This value is just a reference for you to estimate how much hits you should schedule. The actual hit deduction will only happen after your scheduled request ran successfully. Vice versa TrafficBot will not send hit when your account has zero hit balance, even you've successfully scheduled the send request earlier.
  • Send Hits: The total hits (visits) you wish to schedule. One hit = one visit. Even if you've requested Max Child Visit value > 1, each visit will still count as 1 hit.
  • Label: An optional input for you to put a short description to identify the schedule easily.
  • Base Url:
  • The root url you wish our traffic to land on. If you've requested < 100% Bounce Rate or > 1 Max Child Visit, TrafficBot will auto extract your internal page urls from this Base Url page and send hits to these internal page based on your setting. We recommend to put your domain root url for this value, for example
  • Delivery Mode:
    TrafficBot will try to send all requested traffic as soon as possible. For example you've scheduled to send 1,000 hits to a website @ 11am. TrafficBot will try to send all 1,000 hits to that site starting @ 11am. Please note that actual traffic sending time might have some delay in case some of our servers are overly loaded.
    TrafficBot will try to send all requested traffic distributed evenly within your specified Schedule Date start and end time. For example you've scheduled to send 1,000 hits to a website from 11am today to 11am tomorrow. TrafficBot will try to send small portion of traffic after every few minutes, until it completely send all traffic @ 11am tomorrow. Please note that actual traffic sending time might have some delay in case some of our servers are overly loaded.
  • Frequency: For this scheduled request, how often should TrafficBot re-run the same process again. You can specify to run it as One-Time only, Daily, Weekly or Monthly.
  • Schedule Date: The period where the request should start and end. The end date is only useful when you've set your Delivery Mode to Standard, where TrafficBot will calculate and distribute the traffic between your specific start and end time.
  • Master End Time: Set this to terminate the whole schedule even if it is a daily, weekly or monthly recurring schedule.
  • Timezone: The timezone for your Schedule Date. We recommend to set it to your local timezone, so that it is easier for you to manage the traffic. For example if you are staying in New York, United State, you should probably set this value to US/Eastern.
  • Geo-Target: The geo location for your traffic source. Currently we only support US, however more will be coming soon. If you need traffic source from other countries, please send us the request via email.
  • Referer(s): The referer for your traffic source. You can set multiple referers, each in a new line. Please note to specify the referer in full domain. For example
  • Bounce Rate: The bounce rate for your traffic. 100% means all traffic will bounce and they will only visit your Base Url then leave your website. 60% means 60% of your requested traffics will bounce, but 40% of them will visit at least another internal url from your page before leaving. If you specify < 100% Bounce Rate, you'll need to set the Max Child Visit to at least 2 or more.
  • Max Child Visit: How many internal page the visitor should visit. If you set this value to 1, meaning all visitors will only visit the Base Url once then leave. If you've set this value to 2, meaning they will also visit another internal page before leaving. Please note that if you've < 100% Bounce Rate, you'll need to set the Max Child Visit to at least 2 or more.
  • Max time on page: How long should the visitor stay on that page before leaving or visiting another internal page. We recommend to set this value to 5 seconds to make sure your other traffic can reach your website on-time.
How can I check my traffic sending progress?
You can get all your schedule progress @ Dashboard => Side menu => Bot Management => Schedules. The first Schedules table shows all your scheduled requests. You can expand its + button to check the complete settings of the schedule. If you click the Progress button, the Progress table at the bottom will shows detail progress of that schedule. Over there, it will shows you the Hit Success value, which is the number of hit which has been successfully sent. Also you can click the Show Logs button to see the list of raw log of each visit. Please note that we'll only keep the
How can I cancel the scheduled traffic sending request?
Yes, you can. You can cancel a schedule @ Dashboard => Side menu => Bot Management => Schedules, click the Cancel button next to the schedule to cancel it. Please note that TrafficBot will still attempt to send those request which already in our system queue. For those that are not in our system queue yet, TrafficBot will cancel all of them.